28 Jul 2021

The Last Hopeless Day

For the first 17 years of Gloria Carney’s life, her father’s sobriety remained a distant dream. She literally described him as a “raging alcoholic.” “He was sometimes a very functioning

27 Jul 2021

Ring those July bells

The iconic red kettles were out this month in Lima, Ohio, as The Salvation Army took part in the Christmas in July campaign. Paul Downing, the operations manager in Lima,

26 Jul 2021

Rescued for a Reason

When LaTanya Carter ran away from her Hillside, N.J., home at age 13, she had no idea how rocky the road ahead would be. As a juvenile runaway, she was

23 Jul 2021

More than a shelter

The people of Sidney, Ohio, have longed for an emergency homeless shelter in their community. The Mercy Mission House that is now under construction will provide that service and so

08 Jul 2021

Hitting the Sawdust Trail

Most young men first learn about woodworking in their high school wood shop class, but Captain Darell Houseton, a pastor in The Salvation Army, discovered a different path. “My high

07 Jul 2021

‘As popular as the ice cream truck’

Hungry kids can always find breakfast and lunch at school, but what happens during the summer break? Several Salvation Army corps throughout the country are taking part in the federally

03 Jul 2021

‘Proud to be an American’ in Ashland

“Wear your red, white, and blue.” That was the kicker for an ad that announced the summer lunch program at the Salvation Army’s Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center

02 Jul 2021

Stained glass: The poor man’s Bible

As a little girl living in Mexico, Major Monica Balmori would go with her father to Cosmovitral, an awe-inspiring stained-glass mural and botanical garden. That experience changed her life and inspired

23 Jun 2021

Help—all year long

Tony Packo’s is a restaurant chain that has five locations in the Toledo, Ohio, area. Recently, the company vice president presented a check for $2,965 to The Salvation Army from

21 Jun 2021

Reading and feeding

Kip Moore, who is no stranger to the theater, has a flair for the dramatic. So, when leaders of the Salvation Army’s Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in

19 Jun 2021

Raising the Juneteenth flag

This is the first year Juneteenth will be celebrated as an official state holiday in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Lynn, Mass., Citadel Corps Community Center has done its

18 Jun 2021

Father’s Day: ‘It’s a celebration’

Raising two girls as a single father while studying to be a Salvation Army officer were difficult tasks for Joel Monasterio, yet he will celebrate those blessings this Father’s Day.