Monday Nights | January 30 – February 20 | 7–8PM


Rev. Dr. Carolyn Moore 

Author and Pastor 

Rev. Jessica LaGrone 

Dean of Chapel, Asbury Seminary

Kris Hevenor 

Territorial Sergeant Major

Capt. Candace Flanders 

Corps Officer

Pastoral Care for Soldiers (English)

The responsibility of the pastoral care of the corps extends far beyond the responsibility of corps officers. We are all called-to and empowered-for pastoral care. In this four-week cohort we will journey together to learn about our shared responsibility for the pastoral care of God’s people. Led by an amazing teaching team, we will look at aspects such as visitation and mentorship, pursuing those who have fallen away, prayer ministry, and the non-anxious care of others.

Caledario de la Cohorte de Invierno 2023

Lunes por la noche | 30 de enero a 20 de febrero | 7–8PM


Major Daniel Alverio

Major Arlene DiCaterina

Major Eva Geddes

Major Yolanda Rodriguez

Cuidado pastoral para Soldados (Español)

La responsabilidad del cuidado pastoral del Cuerpo va mucho más allá de la responsabilidad de los Oficiales del Cuerpo. Todos somos llamados y empoderados al cuidado pastoral. En esta sesión de cuatro semanas, viajaremos juntos para aprender acerca de nuestra responsabilidad compartida por el cuidado pastoral del pueblo de Dios. Conducidos por un equipo de enseñanza extraordinario, veremos aspectos tales como la visitación y la mentoría, alcanzando a aquellos que se han alejado, el ministerio de oración y el cuidado no ansioso de los demás.


Christmas Follow-Up

Wednesday, January 18th, 7:00 pm (English)

We just finished Christmas!  Now what?  How can we best follow-up with those who came through our doors to receive gifts and food, to share the Gospel and invite them into our fellowship?  In this webinar, we’ll examine both the “why” and the “how” of Christmas follow-up!

Overseas Child Sponsorship

Wednesday, February 8th, 1:00 pm (English)

Did you know that our territory has a thriving Overseas Child Sponsorship program that affects thousands of lives around the world?  In this webinar, led by the Overseas Child Sponsorship director, Major Tracy Hughes, we learn about the work that Overseas Child Sponsorship does, and be invited to participate in their mission!