Monday Nights | July 25 – August 29 | 7–8PM


Come to the Table: Living Out Hospitality

In this six-week cohort we will journey together to learn about the core Christian value of Hospitality, and how to practice hospitality in our post-modern and increasingly globalized communities.  With our special guest Dr. Andy Miller III and the rest of our incredible teaching staff, we will work through subjects such as: “The Biblical Basis for Hospitality,” “Sacred Experiences,” “Sacred Spaces,” and “Hospitality at Home!”


Dr. Andy Miller Ill


Summer Camp Follow-Up

English: August 15 — 1:00pm
Español: 16 de Agosto — 1:00pm

In these webinars, our Territorial Youth Department will share with us ideas and best practices for local follow-up of summer camp ministry. We will examine questions such as “Several of my campers got saved at camp.  How do I keep that fire burning?” and “How can I connect whole families to the ministry of our corps?”

All About ‘Others’

 September 12 — 7:00pm

In this special webinar, Others-Trade for Hope director April Foster will share about the amazing ministry of Others and its global reach and impact.  We will hear stories of lives who have been dramatically affected by Others, and will learn how we can become stakeholders in this important ministry.

Leveraging Demographics for
Kingdom Work

English: September 19 — 1:00pm
Español: 20 de Septiembre — 1:00pm

In these webinars, we will learn all about MissionInsite, a free and powerful resource available across the territory that helps corps to leverage demographic data for focused ministry.  Individuals who enroll in this webinar will be able to receive guided training with specific application to their corps.