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20 Jul 2018

CAST in Old Orchard Beach

Have you been waiting for a chance to see CAST’s production of GODSPELL?  With only a few chances left, stop by the Old Orchard Beach Pier every night to hear

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18 Jul 2018

Worldwide 24/7 Prayer

  A crucial time is approaching—the Salvation Army international leadership is about to change as General André Cox and Commissioner Silvia Cox retire and new leaders take charge. General Cox

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13 Jul 2018

#SACamp18 Camp Contest Winners!

Every year, Camps across the USA East spend the summer teaching children how to live for Jesus. Every year, hundreds of staff choose to work at camp in various areas:

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10 Jul 2018

Freedom 5K Run/Walk, 2018

The Freedom 5k is a beautiful run near the ocean in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Proceeds will benefit the Anti-Human Trafficking Programs of The Salvation Army. For more information

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05 Jul 2018

‘Here am I, send me’

“Follow God’s will for your life!” These are the words of admonition that we often share with new believers or those who are still searching for answers. Having the discernment

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05 Jul 2018

Have a Word

Arguably, it is the phrase that birthed The Salvation Army. “Would anybody like to have a word?” said the leader of the street meeting outside the squalid Blind Beggar pub

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SAconnects en Español

05 Jul 2018

“Aquí estoy yo. Envíame a mí”

“¡Sigue la voluntad de Dios para tu vida!” Estas son las palabras de consejo que solemos compartir con los nuevos creyentes o con aquellos que están buscando respuestas. Lo difícil

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05 Jul 2018

¡Tome la palabra!

Es la frase que dio a luz al Ejército de Salvación. “¿Hay alguien que quiera tomar la palabra?”, dijo el líder de la reunión en la calle, a la salida

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05 Jul 2018

Nuevos Cimientos

“Por lo tanto, si alguno está en Cristo, es una nueva creación. ¡Lo viejo ha pasado, ha llegado ya lo nuevo.” —2 CORINTIOS 5:17 En el próximo número, te llevaremos

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