The Arts Bureau joins with the Glory Shop to perform at Theatre 315, NYC

What is playback theater?

Playback Theatre creates a ritual space where any story – however ordinary, extraordinary, hidden or difficult – might be told, and immediately made into theatre. Each person’s uniqueness is honored and affirmed while at the same time building and strengthening connections to each other as a community of people. It reveals the ever-present force at work among us – the Spirit of GOD.

What should I expect?

Playback Theatre is created through a unique collaboration between performers and audience. An audience member tells a story from their life, chooses actors to play roles and then watches as their story is brought to life in front of them with artistic shape and coherence.

Who is the target audience?

Playback is suitable for everyone! Young and old will connect with this ministry in small or large groups.  People in search of healing relationships, deeper communication and empathy are especially impacted. RePlay can be booked for ARC engagements, Youth Councils, Corps meetings, Christmas programs etc.

Why playback for ministry?

The heart of each story is captured with a high level of artistry, opening up opportunities for healing, transformation and closure.  Playback can often reveal the common story of an audience as a collective and removes the barrier of separation between individuals.  When we struggle to find the words to describe the love, power, wonder, and grace of God,  Playback Theater speaks a universal language; offering a deeper perspective of our humanity, collective potential, and reliance on a power greater than ourselves.

Now Available for bookings in 2020-2022.


Our ensemble of players:

  • Ian Evans
  • Kathryn Higgins
  • Kyle Higgins
  • Chuck Goodin
  • Karen Krinjack
  • Jonathon Shaffstall
  • Chris Monroe
  • Evie Monroe
  • Zach Smith
  • Latten Williams
  • Scott Martel

Other Ways to Engage with RePlay

Are you an actor, dancer or musician looking for a meaningful creative outlet?
Join us for one of our “open” rehearsals. Contact for details.
Members of replay are available for workshops throughout the Territory! Contact for details.



*Excerpts from the International Playback Theatre Network