What is MOVE?

MOVE Dance Company is a group of trained dancers from the Salvation Army Eastern Territory.

MOVE exists to model and encourage the use of dance in worship, evangelism, and ministry.


Performance Pieces

MOVE is able to contribute to events by performing pieces that fit with the theme of the meeting or event. See below for examples of this season’s repertoire.


MOVE loves to teach and can be utilized for workshops. Some examples of what we can teach include; dance in worship, scripture relaxation, praying in color, YogaFaith and more!

Altar Ministry

At the heart, MOVE is a ministry team. We love the opportunity to be available for prayer at the altar! All dancers are given some basic training in how to approach praying with others at the altar.


If given space, MOVE will participate in worship, dancing with their whole hearts. We have learned is that having MOVE dancing during worship can liberate the room to be more expressive during worship.


Upcoming Performances


Hope Unraveled

Presented by MOVE Dance Company

What is your relationship with hope? In a normal day-to-day context, what does hope look like? Where is hope in situations that feel hopeless?
Join MOVE Dance Company as they unravel their relationship with hope into five sections: Breaking. Rambling. Unraveling. Choosing. Surrendering.

Tune in to Commissioning 2021 on June 12, 2021, at 6pm to see the premiere of “Hope Unraveled”

Conversation with MOVE

Following the premiere of “Hope Unraveled” you have the opportunity to unpack the message of “Hope Unraveled” with members of MOVE Dance Company. The choreographers & dancers are available to answer questions and share their experience of the process of the piece being created, rehearsed, and recorded.
June 12, 2021, 6:30-7pm

Interested in having MOVE at your next event? We are accepting bookings for our 2021/2022 season!
Email erin.morgan@use.salvationarmy.org for information

2020/2021 Season

MOVE offers a repertoire for events that is updated each season. New pieces will be announced fall of 2021

This piece speaks to the issue of human trafficking. Using the William Booth poem “I’ll fight” as a framework the audience is meant to be challenged asking personally, “Will you fight?”
Length 5.09 

Based on Exodus 40:34-38, this piece is centered around the lyric, “When you move, I’m moved” This piece is a prayer that like the Israelites we would follow the presence of the Lord, whether that’s a cloud by day or fire by night, that His presence will always go before us.
Length 3.58

“Here Below”
A more traditional worship piece Here Below uses the stage as an altar on which the dancers present themselves as a living sacrifice. Communicating that regardless of outside circumstances, we will continue to sing hallelujah to the one who deserves all the praise.
Length 5.47

We all experience pain in our lives. What separates believers in seasons of pain is that we are not alone. This piece shares the message that as we walk through seasons of pain, because of the Lord we can emerge with newfound strength and confidence.
Length 3.24

“Crowd Warm-Up”
Need a fun way to loosen up your audience? The crowd warm-up is a complication of popular dance songs. Dancers lead the audience in dances such as the electric slide, cupid shuffle, as well as some fun remixes. Have you ever danced to a trap version of baby shark? Here’s your chance!
Length 10-20 minutes
*custom lengths available

“The Story of Jesus”

The Story of Jesus is a production that presents the gospel of Jesus Christ to an audience of believers. The audience is asked two questions; Do you really believe this story is the truth? And if so, how does that impact how you live moving forward? The life of Jesus is portrayed from his birth, thru his ministry, death, and resurrection.
Length 45 minutes *Not yet available

Interested in having MOVE at your next event? We are accepting bookings for our 2021/2022 season!
Email erin.morgan@use.salvationarmy.org for information

Company Members

Abigail Pastin | EPA

Chaya Jugenhiemer | EMP

Lt. Clifford Douglas | GNY

Deangelo Powell | SWO

Debora Baptista | GNY

Evangeline Miller | EMP

Kevin Diaz | PRVI

Lisanny Perez | MASS

Natalia Cruz | PRVI

Olivia Renkel | NJ

Samuel Baptista | GNY

Tiffany Garcia | GNY

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Company Director | Erin Morgan

Erin is passionate about using dance as a vehicle to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. She loves discovering how dance can be used to shift the atmosphere and share a message. With a BFA in Ballet Performance from the University of the Arts, Erin has performed professionally with the Rebecca Davis Dance Company and Putty Dance Project as well as being an ensemble member in Mary Poppins at the Walnut Street Theatre. Erin’s prayer for MOVE Dance Company is that the dancers would feel cared for, challenged both as dancers and as believers, and as a result dance would continue to grow as a vehicle for worship and outreach within the Salvation Army.

Performance Calendar
2021/2022 Dates Coming Soon!

Audition Information

We are looking for new members for MOVE Dance Company!

If you are interested in being a part of MOVE please email erin.morgan@use.salvationarmy.org