The Creative Arts Service Team is a summer mission team whose focus is to use theater to tell others of God’s love.

How does it work?

The Arts Ministries Bureau annually assembles a production team and selects a play/musical/original piece to produce. That’s where you come in. A link to the application will appear here Friday, November 22nd along with instructions on how to submit your audition video.

What’s the schedule like?

Members who are accepted begin their adventure in mid-June where everyone gathers for rehearsals in West Nyack, New York. This team of 8-12 along with their leaders then begin a 6(ish)-week-long summer performance tour, ending in August. Performances take place at Salvation Army summer camps for kids, community centers, churches, street festivals and more.

Where does everyone eat? And sleep?
And who pays for all that?

CAST will lodge, travel and eat together in community during their tour. Everything they need for the summer they carry with them, including sets, costumes, props, sound equipment. Food and lodging are taken care of. In fact, all expenses are paid except for personal items such as soap, shampoo, etc. and the occasional meal. Also, a stipend of $3,000 is paid to each team member in two installments during the tour.

Where do I sign up?

Hold on a minute… not so easy. Touring and performing is hard work. Each member gives up many personal freedoms for the privilege of combining their love for God and the creative arts. It involves living and traveling, eating and breathing, together for two months. It involves clear communication and forgiveness. Its blood, sweat, and tears… sometimes (hopefully not too much blood) but it’s so rewarding.