SACONNECTS wins top denominational magazine honor at EPA

 SACONNECTS magazine won the first-place “Award of Excellence” for denominational magazines in the United States at the Evangelical Press Association (EPA) annual conference in Lancaster, Pa., April 9-11.

The magazine, which won the runner-up honors in the same category the year before, was competing in a field with about 40 other EPA-member denominational magazines. The staff named on the certificate included Warren L. Maye, Robert Mitchell, Hugo Bravo, Reginald Raines, Lea La Notte Greene, and Lu Lu Rivera.

SACONNECTS also picked up other honors at the conference, including a pair of first-place certificates:

Raines and Greene won first-place in the “Two-Page Spread Design” category.

Retta Blaney won first-place for her outstanding anti–human trafficking feature story.

Lu Lu Rivera won second place in the “Single Photo-Controlled” category for her engaging “Volunteer Spotlight” portrait shot.

Johnny Shyr, Jacob Douglass, Kevin Diaz, and Alex Darcey won fourth place in the “Video Short-Form” category.

SACONNECTS has won almost 40 EPA awards in the past nine years.

Award of Excellence — Denominational Publication

Editorial Staff: Warren L. Maye, Robert Mitchell, Hugo Bravo, Reginald Raines, Lea L. Greene, Lu Lu Rivera

This was judged based on the following criteria: A print publication serving as the official voice of a denomination.

Judges comment: “The design and content pull in readers. This is especially true for the covers, the biggest achievement of these issues. Creatively and practically, this publication fulfills its mission of the encouraging readers toward the”ministry of presence.”

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Second Place Winner — Single Photo Controlled

Author: Lu Lu Rivera

This was judged based on the following criteria: Impact | Composition | Creativity | Technique | Appropriateness for context

Judges comment: “Nice work. This is a great image and you should be proud of it.”

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First Place Winner — Reporting

Author: Retta Blaney

This was judged based on the following criteria:

Fairness/objectivity | Grammar/punctuation/sentence structure | Idea (timeliness, appeal, takeaway value) | Quality of writing (including style/voice) | Thoroughness of research and sourcest

Judges comment: “An exceptionally compelling look into the efforts of Christians to combat sex trafficking in the US. This is a great example of showcasing real believers stepping up to address a hidden and tragic reality for too many vulnerable women. Human trafficking shatters the lives of too many women in the US and worldwide. This account provides a potent view of the relative handful of people determined to do something to help exploited women launch and sustain new lives.”

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First Place Winner — Two Page Spread Design

Author: Reginald Raines, Lea L. Greene

This was judged based on the following criteria:

Use of space | Creativity/aesthetic appeal | Use of art and photography | Design and typography | Appropriateness for context

Judges comment: “One of the nicest submissions.”

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