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In this issue of SACONNECTS, our writers have provided an amazing roadmap that includes historic sites of the Christian Church. Please come and enjoy the journey!

After 150 years of ministry in the United States, The Salvation Army has many historic memorials, particularly in the USA Eastern Territory. They remind us how God has played an extraordinary role in building the Army’s legacy of faith and commitment to meet human need without discrimination.

Reading these stories will also help elevate your appreciation of how far you’ve come in your spiritual life!

Past Issues

Volunteer Spotlight – Ada jarrett

Volunteer Spotlight Ada and Amy Jarrett  By Hugo Bravo When Ada Jarrett was a child, she was introduced to The Salvation Army by a friend whose family attended the Army’s church in Pottstown, Pa. They were involved in many aspects of the ministry, and Ada became involved too. “Over the years, some members of my family stopped coming, but I stayed. The Salvation Army became my church,” says Jarrett, now 84. Jarrett eventually married and left Pottstown for Rhode Island, but when she returned with her husband some years [...]

Seasons of Refreshing

Since their humble beginnings in 1971, Pastor Jim and Carol Cymbala have served as spiritual leaders of the Brooklyn Tabernacle, which is today an historic 3,300–seat, non–denominational megachurch [...]

A Leader in ‘The Jungle’

A Leader in 'The Jungle' Interview by Hugo Bravo Lieutenant Ismael Ortiz, commanding officer at The Salvation Army Corps Community Center in Wilkes–Barre, Pa., talks about finding God in jail; a vehicle that started a ministry; and leadership skills that came from the streets, but thrived in the Church. I grew up in York, Pa., which was known as “The Jungle.” There was crime, prostitution, and gangs that always sought new members. A gang recruited me as I played in my front yard. I became part of the [...]

Unwavering Faith

Nothing was going to keep Betty Lou and Jim Hruska from attending the National Seminar on Evangelism (NSE) 2022 in Texas, not even a devastating house fire that happened four [...]

EPA Awards 2023

SAConnects magazine has won four Evangelical Press Association (EPA) awards for the 2022 publishing year. EPA is a professional organization of Christian print and digital publications and the world’s largest [...]

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