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In God’s Pocket

“Drumming ‘in the pocket’ means three things: having great timing, great groove, and serving the music. Playing in such a way allows you to create a ‘pocket’ that gives other musicians in your band space to play. Striking a great balance between these sometimes–subtle concepts is what separates a good drummer from a great drummer,” wrote Mike O’Connor, a noted author at Electronic Drum Advisor. READ MORE

WARREN L. MAYE, Editor in Chief

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Zoro the Drummer

Zoro the Drummer A CHRISTMAS GIFT FROM THE SALVATION ARMY SET THE STAGE FOR HIS CAREER. The musician known as “Zoro the Drummer” is one of the most famous percussionists in the world, but his long career in the music business might never have happened without The Salvation Army. Zoro, who has drummed for some of the music industry’s biggest acts, including New Edition, grew up in a family of poor Mexican immigrants. He guesses the family moved 30 times as his single mother, Maria, struggled to raise seven children [...]

EDS in their Blood

EDS IN THEIR BLOOD by Robert Mitchell Bob Myers III, is better known in his family as “Bobby.” Bob Myers III, is better known in his family as “Bobby.” Bobby was just a teen when he climbed into a Salvation Army canteen and tagged along with his father, Bob Myers Jr. Together they would answer calls for help when natural and man–made disasters struck the community. “I was always around the canteen,” Bobby says. “It was part of our family’s life. It was something I always had a passion for.” Bob jokes [...]

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