Shown (l–r) Cadet Stephanie Garces (CFOT), Bryan Cook (WPA), TSM Kris Hevenor, Envoy Pat Wood (SNE), Stacylee Liskey (NNE), Aileen Miranda (PR/VI), Heather Green (NJ), Neil Welds (MASS), Seth Hall (NEO), Cindy Walton (SWONEKY), Edward Mylechreest (GNY). Missing from photo is Cleris Christian (PENDEL).

Soldiers Express Council welcomes new members

The Territorial Soldiers Express Council (TSEC) recently held its quarterly meeting at Territorial Headquarters (THQ) in West Nyack, N.Y. The all–day gathering included encouraging prayer and scripture readings led by Cadet Stephanie Garces. A tour of THQ with Chief Secretary Colonel Ivan K. Rock followed. Then a casual dinner with Commissioners William A. and G. Lorraine Bamford, territorial leaders, and  the Colonels Rock set a tone for fellowship. Finally, a robust and vibrant discussion on a variety of topics that affect soldiers in the territory concluded the meeting.

TSEC welcomed three new members: Edward Mylechreest from the Greater New York Division, Stacy Liskey from the Northern New England Division, and Heather Green from the New Jersey Division.

The Council also celebrated the implementation of some of its recommendations:

  • New local officer uniform trim, available through Trade
  • A day of local officer training called “Equip” during Commissioning Weekend
  • The hiring of soldier/employees in several divisions as corps leadership development directors
  • Several successful cohorts of LEAD Online, offered through the Territorial Corps Leadership Development office

Divisional Soldiers Express Councils have been launched for the purpose of moving mission and ministry forward while representing the voices of their soldiery. Councils in these divisions are involved in planning and implementing soldiers’ retreats, leadership training days, spiritual life development classes, and other events.

TSEC members spent a significant amount of time discussing how to: mentor corps members, prioritize pastoral care needs in congregations, and include all individuals in Army ministries and programs. They also considered the class meeting discipleship model, and the cost of uniforms for young adult soldiers.

TSEC will make further recommendations to territorial leadership in these specific areas.

The next TSEC meeting will be on May 16th. Ideas are welcome from all soldiers. To share your ideas or concerns, contact [email protected]. You can also join the TSEC Facebook page, “USA East Territorial Soldiers Express Council Soldiers Exchange.”