Movie Legacy Peak’ 
is about family 

by Warren L. Maye

As a fan of the “NCIS: New Orleans” TV show, I was intrigued when I learned that actor Lucas Black was leaving it to “spend more time with family.”  

In Black’s case, he meant every word of it. After 125 episodes of what he calls “a marathon schedule” on TV, he and his wife decided to focus on their three children. They also wanted to make the idea of family a deeper part of their personal ministry. 

Recently, Black emerged as the star of another upcoming screen project. It’s called “Legacy Peak,” an adventure movie about family, flying, camping, and surviving in the wilderness. As I am a Christian, father, husband, flying enthusiast, and former Boy Scout, the storyline further piqued my interest. 

Jason, (Black’s character) and Noelle, a widow with two children, plan to marry. But Jason’s idea to fly the kids to Noelle’s parent’s cabin days before she wraps up work, quickly falls apart. Their adventure turns into a struggle to survive, even before they can start a life together. 

After just a few minutes into the film, I realized the beautiful but dangerous landscape, with its breathtaking and panoramic views, was a metaphor for life. 

The loss of a beloved dad, a life in foster care, and the hope of a new life and family are powerful themes that drive this heartfelt story. 

Having recently participated in a Christian men’s retreat, I found Blacks passionate goal to use this film to reach men for Christ, particularly appealing. Having been a Christian himself since childhood and after seeing the reactions of most men to Christian programming, Black feels there is a need for films that send an empowering message to them.  

“Being a dad is the greatest privilege and honor of my life, but I know I couldn’t do it without my faith in Jesus and following the model that God has given me for fatherhood,” said Black. “This movie is about what real fatherhood looks like. It’s messy and chaotic and requires so much patience and grace. But in the end, the lessons learned, and bonds created are unbreakable.” 

Having seen “Legacy Peak” twice and reflected on it, what strikes me is its simplicity, honesty, and accessibility to the entire family. For years, film rating systems, from PG to R, have divided families at the box office, sending adults one way, teens another, and children in yet another direction. So, for families who value staying together, even in the movie theater, films such as “Legacy Peak” are truly a godsend. 

Flying a small plane, wandering in the wilderness, or fending against a pack of hungry wolves, which happens in the movie, are experiences most of us will only dream of doing. But one thing is for sure, the challenges of trusting again after experiencing hurt and loss, being emotionally transparent and vulnerable to save a meaningful relationship, or humbly apologizing after being wrong can seem just as daunting. These challenges will or have already happened to all of us. “Legacy Peak” will give viewers a Christ–centered model upon which to emulate.  

LEGACY PEAK, streaming exclusively on Pure Flix starting September 22, stars Lucas Black (FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT), Kyleigh M. Bakker (STRANGE FRIENDS), Roman Engel, Todd Terry (VINDICATION) and Ina Barron. The film was directed and produced by Aaron Burns (OVERCOMER).