Visions of Christmas
Spiritual Life Development

Visions of Christmas

Once again, we will hear the Christmas account, and we will visualize this familiar happening.  We all have in our mind’s eye what the annunciation, trip to Bethlehem, birth in a rustic stable, visit of the Magi, and encounter with Simeon and Anna look like.  What if we stretch our imagination and experience what others see?

Visio Divino is a spiritual discipline that makes use of art as a medium for spiritual transformation. This practice invites you to see and explore the entirety of an image in God’s presence and go beyond your simple first and second impressions to a deeper place where you can be surprised by God. 

Over the next twenty-five days of December, the Spiritual Life Development Department is inviting you to travel through some of these well-read happenings of the birth of the Savior of the world from the eyes of numerous artists that will include ancient classics to modern renderings. 

The following suggested steps for Visio Divino:

  • Spend some quiet time viewing the day’s artwork.
  • Stay focused.
  • Relax and open your heart and mind to what God is bringing to your attention.
  • Be aware of your emotions as you view the image.
  • Consider journaling your initial impressions, feelings, thoughts, questions, or memories.
  • Pray that through this experience, the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth.

Join us on the journey through the Visions of Christmas and experience Advent from a new perspective.