With one Accord: Engaging

Together, we envision an Army engaged in the passionate pursuit of Christ, humbly listening to and serving one another, collaboratively working in the world to see our communities transformed one life at a time.

I recently viewed a social media post announcing a couple’s engagement. It was so beautiful to witness that precious expression of devotion! The joy shown on their faces was contagious. Their eyes showed their depth of commitment, and there was a measure of excitement for what the future would hold. They were, in a sense, “diving in” to their life together.

Spiritually, from the moment we first come to Christ, we are, in a similar way, “engaged” in a relationship with Him. We step into a deep commitment to the Lord and His will. Our joy is (or should be) contagious! We are excited about what the future holds in our walk with Jesus.

Engaged. Involved. Diving in. Committed. Excited. Expectant. Together.

In today’s fractured world, such a concept of unity or walking equally together is sorely needed. In a society where unity is tenuous, the Church must be that unifying model that the world requires. The USA Eastern Territory is committed to this challenge. However, in order to live out that challenge, we must ENGAGE: with God, with each other, and with our community.

Our territorial “ENGAGING” imperative focuses on these realities:

“Together, we envision an Army engaged in the passionate pursuit of Christ.”  Those are intentional, dynamic words. Our engaging must begin with our relationship with Christ! May we truly, individually and corporately dive more deeply into our spiritual relationship—passionately pursuing Him and seeking His face as our priority.  “I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands,” (Psalm 119:10 NIV).

“Together, we envision an Army…humbly listening to and serving one another.” What a magnificent image of the Church, the Bride of Christ. What a beautiful way to be known, as an Army of believing servants; humbly listing and actively serving! Active engagement involves humble, active listening. When we listen, we learn. As we learn more about each other, we are then able to better serve one another in love. May they know we are Christians by that authentic love we show one for another. “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves,” (Romans 12:10 NIV).

“Together, we envision an Army…collaboratively working in the world to see our communities transformed one life at a time.”  The concept of engaging really cannot be done alone. By virtue of its definition, engagement involves the people around us. As we engage in our communities, that word collaboratively becomes critical. What’s the result? Transformation! Working together with those around us can strengthen our ministry, allowing us together to see lives transformed in His name and into His image. We know that spiritual transformation is a personal, individual experience, yet the collaboration within those transformations can truly change an entire community as we engage one life at a time!  “Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor,” (Ecclesiastes 4:9 NIV).

Pray with me, friends, as we envision and realize an “Army Engaged” in His name, together with one accord. I’m in!

We work together to serve God.

1 Corinthians 3:9 (NIRV)

Commissioner Lorraine Bamford
Territorial President of Women’s Ministries
Territorial Leader for Officer Development