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01 Jun 2016


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25 May 2016

First Dance Company Rehearsal

Company blazed through their first rehearsal on May 14th in preparation for Commissioning 2016. They gathered at THQ for 9 hours of dance and fellowship. The Army On Its Toes

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24 May 2016

Passing the Torch – part 1

As is the way of things with the Salvation Army, the Spiritual Life Development Department will be parting ways with our current leader in a few short weeks.  Colonel Janice

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23 May 2016

FIRST: Intercessory Prayer

“Can you pray for me?” I’ve always taken this request seriously. I’ve never thrown out the words “I’ll pray for that” or “I’ll be praying for you” without taking them

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16 May 2016

FIRST: Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline

For many years, I had some boxes stored in my parent’s attic. Having lived out of the country for many years, I had kind of forgotten about them. On a

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01 Jun 2015

Un Espíritu pionero

Roque y Josefina Ortiz poseían un espíritu de pioneros. Se integraron por primera vez a las filas del Ejército en 1924 en calidad de enviados a cargo de la obra

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01 Jun 2015

Un Peregrinaje de Bendición

Estoy agradecida a Dios por nuestro Ejército de Salvación, en el que tenemos oportunidad para servirle. Cuando tenía 19 años, tuve la primera oportunidad de servir como misionera en la

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01 Jun 2015

El lenguaje del Amor de Dios

Cuerpo Internacional de Houston El éxito y vitalidad del Cuerpo Internacional de Houston ha captado la atención del mundo salvacionista por algo realmente único que lo caracteriza y que el

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