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21 Mar 2017

Dads & Lads PENDEL

I had a great time sharing my testimony, some scripture and, leading the men to deeper communication with their sons. I’m glad that my eleven-year-old son Jason was got up early enough to attend. He can attest that the day was a hit, “especially the waterpark afterward!”

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Sabbath Cheryl
20 Mar 2017

My Sabbath: A Personal Reflection – Cheryl Poulopoulis

It was before the era of Sunday shopping, devices, Netflix, and the internet. In the 1970’s our Sundays were filled with Sunday school, church, and more church. A large meal where

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17 Mar 2017

USA East Camps

The Salvation Army has so many opportunities for you to give back to your community: around the corner and around the world! One of our favorite ways in the Youth

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16 Mar 2017

Sons of SWONEKY gather.

Ralph’s Raccoons or his Hurricanes bowling league were both fictional but in Ohio & Kentucky men still get together for faith, fellowship & fun.

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16 Mar 2017

Accepted Candidates 2017

Messengers of Compassion 2017 session: Accepted Candidates (updated March 17, 2017)

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New York Staff Band Accompaniment

SAconnects en Español

04 Mar 2017

Le entregué mi voluntad a Él

En 1997, Carol Almeida estaba sentada en la celda de una cárcel en York, Pensilvania, cansada de vivir en las drogas. Ansiaba volver a ser una mujer libre; libre de

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04 Mar 2017

Redimido en Newark

Durante su niñez en Howell, New Jersey, alguien le dijo al Cadete Joseph Cantrell que, como hijo de padres divorciados —ambos en segundas nupcias—, él era producto de una blasfemia

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04 Mar 2017

“Cristo me ha sanado”

La espiral de la adicción a la heroína en la que cayó Mike Price empezó de la manera más ingenua cuando su doctor le recetó Vicodina tras una operación en

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