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Sunrise Resources

We have a few easy Easter Sunrise resources for you.

The first is a very family friendly Sunrise Service that you can do in the privacy of your own yard.  Sunrise this year is around 6:20am (make sure you check when it is happening wherever you live).  We want to encourage you to print out this simple service.  Part of the service uses Easter Conversation Cards (these are included in the download).  You’ll want to print these and cut them out prior to your service.

To download the Sunrise Service, please click here.

We also have a recipe and lesson for Resurrection Cookies.  This lesson is something you can do with your family on Holy Saturday.  There are very few ingredients and each step of making the cookies goes along with part of the Easter story…including eating the cookies on Easter morning!!!  Check it out.

To download the Resurrection Cookie Recipe, please click here

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