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Scenes from Holy Week – Daily Devotional from Palm Sunday to Easter

Scenes from Holy Week is a devotional to help you walk through the activities of Jesus last days on earth – from Palm Sunday to Easter.  Its focus is to help you understand the depth of devotion the Savior of the world has for you.  This will be done through scripture, a devotional thought, a reflective question, and prayer.  This will also be done through the medium of art; looking at the events of Holy Week through the eyes of an artist.

This approach of worship through artwork is a multi-sensory approach to God that is know as Visio Divina or sacred seeing.  Visio Divina invites you to see and explore the entirety of an image in God’s presence and go beyond your simple first and second impression to a deeper place where you can be surprised by God.

Before you begin your daily reading, carefully look at the selected painting to see what catches your attention.

  • Why do you think it has caught your attention?
  • How does it relate to you today?
  • What is God wanting to say to you through this revelation?

May you feel God’s presence as you journey with him through Holy Week.


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The devotionals will also be posted daily on SAConnects.