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My husband and I love when the summer months come, and we can spend time outdoors. Being immersed in God’s creation renews and refreshes my spirit. One of the ways that we enjoy the outdoors is by camping. It’s something we’ve done for years, starting out tent camping and now graduated to a hard-sided pop-up camper. Yes, we are getting older so sleeping off the ground is a necessity!

Lt. Colonel Kathy Steele,
Communications Department, USA East


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Munnday Mornings

Maybe this is why the phrase ‘sound doctrine’ is used so repeatedly in Scripture. What we believe is important, it affects the way we live. There’s even a shrewdness to it, protecting our easy gullibility.

In season one, we focused on the basic theological issues, straight down the line in a succinct, easy to follow manner. In season two, we try to apply that theological understanding to our daily lives, as we discuss complex, multilayered, subtle, and at times political topics from an ethical perspective. So join me from your home, office, or car, each Tuesday, for Munnday Mornings!

Director of the ISJC, New York, NY

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‘You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.’ Titus 2:1

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