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Cultivate Sneak Peek

Are you looking for community in the midst of quarantine? Are you interested in learning how to develop your spiritual life in the middle of your hectic life?  Want to be able to discuss how God is speaking to you in a safe space, with like-minded individuals?  Well here is an opportunity for you.

The Spiritual Life Development Department is offering an abbreviated version of their CULTIVATE course, which is currently under renovations until the Fall. Participate with a community of believers who seek to find and create a deeper relationship with God in the midst of uncertainty and chaos. Life in the COVID-19 world can be chaotic and confusing. It may be difficult to find time and space to spend time alone with God. You may be focused on how much time you spend with God and see that as a reflection of your relationship with Him.


Anyone who wants to engage in an online community. We encourage former Cultivate cohort members to join, too.

How do I join?

Register online by clicking here.  All we need is your name and email.

A TEAMS (online meeting app) group will be created, and you only need to accept the invitation to join the group. The first online meeting is set for May 7th at 7pm.  There is an option to use only audio if you don’t want to be seen on video.

Is there a fee?

No. There is no registration fee. However, you are responsible for obtaining your own book. Below are suggestions on how to get the book either for free or by purchasing on Amazon.

We will be reading “Sacred Chaos: Spiritual Disciplines for the Life You Have” by Tricia McCary Rhodes.

Click here to read a review

Like Tricia McCary Rhodes, you may have a “tendency to be far too focused on hours set aside for prayer as the barometer of your relationship with God.”

  • Do you believe that God is “committed to coming alongside us, to accompany us on our spiritual journey, whatever it may look like on any given day.”?
  • Do you long to experience the “joy of hearing God beckon through the noise and complications and bluster and stress and monotony of everyday life?”

Is this a long-term commitment?

No. This four-week course is meant to provide a space for you to read a few chapters each week, reflect on weekly questions with scripture and then engage with the community in an online group that will be set up to meet weekly. SLD team members will be facilitating and engaging with this community as well.

Where can I find the book?

  • Amazon, Goodreads, etc.
  • Contact your local library to see what they offer for online book borrowing