Carol Jaudes

USA East saconnects Social Media Release

By Colonel Richard Munn

It is with profound love and heartfelt grief that we acknowledge the promotion to glory of Salvationist soldier, professional performer, artistic director, and creative arts pioneer, Carol Jaudes. 

First coming to New York City as a bona fide Broadway quality musical theater performer, Carol left a long run in the cast of Cats to serve the USA Eastern Territory for 24 years, first as the founding director of Territorial Arts Ministries (TAM), and more recently as the special events director. Her shift from entertainer to organizer, choreographer, recruiter, and dreamer had a monumental impact on the missional effectiveness and outreach of our territory. A whole new vein of energetic, artistic messaging was tapped, quickly and profoundly.   

Personified in the beloved summer TAM Conservatory, a new level of drama and immediacy in territorial and local events, the insistence on practice, practice, practice, and the eventual formation of the Creative Arts Summer Teams (CAST) and the territorial dance troupe Move, Carol’s influence is deep and wide. 

 Amid the seemingly insatiable demand for creative arts across the territory, performing at Advisory Board luncheons, adjudicating for innumerable Star Search finales, and directing camp meeting drama ensembles, Carol also created and starred in memorable one-person performances that took her from such iconic stages as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center to the Royal Albert Hall in London, and many more. 

Throughout all this Carol remained a faithful and committed local soldier at the Montclair, N.J., Corps. 

Her remarkable influence has impacted so many over the years, including the following: 

Commissioner William A. Bamford, Territorial Commander: Having the privilege to work with Carol over the last 7.5 years helped me to understand her deep desire to bring people into the presence of Jesus. With that desire, I entrusted her with the full planning of many of our territorial events, and there was always precision executed. She was truly ‘a part of the team’ and I will miss her brilliant smile, her encouragement, and execution for the Lord. Thank you, Carol.” 

Colonel Janet Munn, TAM Conservatory Chaplain: “Carol’s gifting was a rare combination of highly creative, inventive, fun-loving, alongside detail-oriented, well-planned, and thoroughly prepared. Her ability to work with a wide range of people, and to create a healthy culture around her, was exceptional. People wanted to be part of what Carol was doing. I surely did.” 

Bandmaster Derek Lance, Territorial Music Secretary: “Carol is the epitome of class, a champion of excellence and someone who cared deeply about every detail, whether personal or professional. When Carol was in the room, you knew that what was about to take place was something that mattered and would be taken care of with the highest of standards. In many ways, Carol was the caretaker of all program that has taken place in the USA Eastern Territory and it couldn’t have been in better hands. I so valued our times together planning events and brainstorming about what could be. Her opinions, experience, and friendship are things that I will always treasure and miss.”

Ian Evans, Creative Arts Service Team: “There truly are no words at a time like this. They are inadequate. I can only share some simple things I know about her. Carol had a beautiful and infectious smile, a heart full of kindness and love. She had a belief in the genuine goodness within each person, which she always tried to foster. She had an unwavering faith in her God, and she tried always to love others as He has loved us. The terrible pain of this loss is only tolerable with the knowledge that she is now pain-free and in her heavenly rest.”  

Karen Krinjak, TAM Conservatory Staff and Piano Accompanist: Making music with Carol was a highlight of my life. Her passion for excellence was evident in everything she did.” 

Erin Morgan, TAM Conservatory Choreographer: Carol was always prompt, present, and prepared, no matter how big or small the occasion—she was there. She saw potential that I didn’t know existed and stepped in at each turn in life, gently encouraging and guiding me. Her example of servant leadership, discipleship, and love for those she came in contact with has set an example worth emulating. Her love of Jesus and her quiet determination to serve Him was the drive to everything she did. Her laughter, positivity, and radiance will be missed more than can be expressed.” 



Please pray for Carol’s husband, Chris, and his daughter, Jacy, their son-in-law, Jon, and three granddaughters, Sarah, Hannah, and Samantha—the loves of her life.