A Chat with Commissioners Maynor

by Colonel Richard Munn

Many Salvationists and friends associated with the USA Eastern Territory for the past few decades will likely have connected at some time with Wayne and Cheryl Maynor, long-standing officers who have served dynamically in our midst in numerous catalytic roles, from corps officers and divisional youth leaders to territorial candidate secretaries, divisional leaders, and cabinet appointments.

One thing is for sure. Wherever the Maynors served, stuff happened—vibrant contemporary music at youth councils, special guests arriving by helicopter at camp meetings, a tidal wave of candidate applications, and the creation of the SACONNECTS brand. Here are officer leaders of the highest caliber.

Just a few months ago, the Maynors received a new appointment to International Headquarters with the rank of commissioner. This new role puts them in daily contact with the General and at significant decision-making moments in the iconic IHQ Rotunda. As the Hamilton musical memorably repeats, they are “in the room where it happens.” This is a rare privilege.

Their new role means that occasionally they return to our own USA East on official assignment, as they did recently, conducting the territorial review and serving as special guests for the Old Orchard Beach Corps fall retreat.

SACONNECTS had the chance to catch up with them in person for the story behind the story.

In 2016 you farewelled from the USA East. Where have you served during that seven-year time frame?  

We had the marvelous privilege of serving as territorial leaders in Japan for five years, and then in 2021 we were appointed to serve as principals of the International College for Officers, located in historic Sunbury Court on the outskirts of London, U.K.

What especially stands out for you in those appointments? 

The faithfulness of God to His word and to us. There were so many moments when we were in places and spaces which were quite challenging, yet God provided for us. He sent people to us at the right time who helped us through bringing a word of encouragement, healing, and hope. There were times when we literally needed direction, and God provided people pointing the way. We were so blessed to share in the journey with amazing men and women who love and bring honor to the risen Christ. Some of these individuals have become family to us.

Your new appointment is considered a senior responsibility, with direct input into international decisions and direction. Can you describe your new roles for our readers?  

We are honored and humbled to serve as the international secretaries for the Americas and Caribbean. This includes representing the General to all the North and South American territories and the Caribbean Territory—and also representing those same territories to the General. In these responsibilities, we fully rely upon the Lord for His spirit of discernment, hope, and encouragement.

How have you changed in the past seven years?  

This is a penetrating question. We hope our family and friends would see in us a greater depth of love, humility, and grace. We believe we have a deeper faith in the promises of God. No matter the circumstances or challenges, God never abandons us. He is eternally faithful and true.

How can USA East Salvationists pray for you and/or support you?

We would be so grateful for people to pray that the Holy Spirit will quicken our hearts and minds to receive greater wisdom, to respond to Him with courageous faith, and that we would be people of encouragement to others.

Do you have any further insights or comments that will be of interest to our readers? 

We encourage everyone to take God at his word. There are so many times when God gave us a word which at that moment did not “fit or make sense.” However, He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. We also encourage people with Ephesians 2:10, “We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good work, which he prepared for us in advance.”

Thank you, colleagues. You can be sure that your many friends in the USA East, your home territory, will be cheering you on and praying, as you are in the room where it happens.

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