‘Fighting forces’ grow in Spring Valley

by Robert Mitchell

The Spring Valley, N.Y., Corps continued growing by enrolling four senior and four junior soldiers, along with one adherent, on Oct. 29.

“The fighting forces of the Spring Valley, N.Y., Corps continue to increase as new members, young and old, are added to our ranks,” said Major Mary Moore, the corps officer in Spring Valley and Rockland County coordinator. “The joy and excitement on the faces of our new soldiers was contagious.”

The senior soldier and adherent enrollment were supported by Envoys Steve and Sharon Bussey, who trained and instructed recruits Alda Durosier, M. Ismaelite Bruno Joseph, M. Flore Joseph, and Olamide Oyetayo. Alexander Rodman was enrolled as an adherent.

Major Antonio Rosamilia, the territorial youth secretary, conducted the junior soldier enrollment featuring Gedeon Jean Francois, Rebecca Jean Francois, Hadassa Jean Francois, and Esther Lajoie.

Moore said Sunday’s worship also included special numbers by Spring Valley’s Songsters, Singing Company, and Youth Band all participating “in a day of covenant renewal and rededication to the Lord.”