Captains Adam and Amanda Boynton | Quincy, Mass., Corps

by Robert Mitchell

Captains Adam and Amanda Boynton have been Salvation Army officers since 2015 with appointments in Flemington, N.J., and now Quincy, Mass. The couple has two children.

What is the winning mindset that you bring to each new appointment?

Captain Adam Boynton: “We try and keep in the front of our minds that we are a temporary fixture at our appointment, and that we join in with others who know that corps as home. As an officers’ kid, I once said to a lady, ‘This is my dad’s corps,’ to which she responded, ‘No, it is not. This is my corps. I was here before your daddy and I’ll be here after your daddy.’ A true reminder even to this day. So, we try to spend our time in each appointment encouraging local ownership and fostering a communal vision for the future of the corps.”

How do you and your spouse complement each other in ministry?

Captain Amanda Boynton: “As we have grown and changed as people, we have been able to shift duties to fit our giftings and interests. The best part is that when one of us falls short or is going through a rough time, the other is there to carry the load. We can lean on each other to be able to best serve our congregation and community.”