Majors Christopher and Jennifer Blessing | Latrobe, Pa., Corps

by Robert Mitchell

Majors Christopher and Jennifer Blessing, Salvation Army officers for 18 years who are now stationed in Latrobe, Pa., describe their most cherished accomplishment as officers.

The couple enjoy seeing people develop spiritually into who they were meant to be in Christ. They remember a shy and reserved bellringer named Melanie Mardos, who came on board one Christmas with huge doubts as to whether she would do well. So many people loved and encouraged her that she came out of her shell. She is now involved at the corps as the recruiting sergeant and has even preached. People cannot believe her new persona.

Major Jennifer Blessing: “To have a front-row seat to watch God do amazing work like that is one of the most fulfilling things in officership.”

Major Christopher Blessing: “We love watching people become the best versions of themselves and teaching people that everyone has a part in the ministry of the worldwide Church. They can do that through local ministry, and watching them learn their spiritual gifts and where they fit best is a real joy. That’s especially true for the underdogs when nobody expected it out of them and the world has written them off. We love watching the underdog come to a lightbulb moment, where they realize their significance, being worthwhile and having a purpose.”

Major Jennifer Blessing: “Some of the things that have been the most fulfilling and things that I cherish is whenever you’re able to be the big cheerleader for people: when they finally step into a calling upon their life or freely submit to God’s will and way. Watching them thrive in their own ministry which God calls them to—that is especially the most fulfilling thing to watch.”