Major Mary Moore | Spring Valley, N.Y., Corps

by Robert Mitchell

A 2022 study by Barna Research found that 42% of pastors had considered quitting full–time ministry. Major Mary Moore, who is serving in postretirement at the Spring Valley, N.Y., Corps and as Rockland County coordinator, explains how she stays excited in the face of society’s challenging personal, social, and political issues.  

“The way I stay excited is maintaining my relationship with the Lord and in reading His word. I know that in the end—I’ve read the last chapter—God wins. We do have a lot of battles that we have to face every day. However, I know that I’m on the winning side.”

 “The joy that I find in my ministry and in helping people and in guiding them is just so incredible. There is no way I could ever turn my back on that.”

“With social media these days, I worry about my teenage grandkids and the teens in the corps. There’s so much pressure from the outside, but if we can stay focused on what the Bible says and know what our core beliefs are and be able to defend them, then whatever society throws at us, we’re going to be able to have the Holy Spirit backing us.”