An SAconnects Day of Service in Spring Valley

by Hugo Bravo

The Salvation Army Communications Department of the Eastern Territorial Headquarters (THQ) took a day of service at the Salvation Army Spring Valley Corps Community Center in New York. Members of the graphic design, video, digital communications, events and editorial staff handled different chores and errands at the church to show that everyone can take some time out of their own schedule to ‘do the most good’.

Upon arrival, the Communications department prepared bags with sandwiches to take to the community’s homeless population and day laborers, a ministry that Spring Valley does four times a week. A team then took the corps canteen out to distribute the ready meals, while the rest of Communications stayed to make an additional 300 bags to be delivered throughout the week.

Aside from the daily needed work of food preparation, volunteers helped the corps get ready for the cold weather season by organizing a donation of shirts and winter jackets to be stored in the church garage. Toys in the top floor of the church were sorted and stacked on shelves for easier access during Christmastime. The department also took advantage of the warm weather to clean up the canteen and the outdoor grounds.

At the end of their day of service, Major Mary Moore, corps officer at Spring Valley, prayed with the Communications team and thanked them for the work they had done. She hoped to see the department again during the Christmas season, when Salvation Army churches are at their busiest and need volunteers the most.

“Volunteers have always been and always will be the backbone of The Salvation Army; the number of hours they personally invest in our mission cannot be counted,” says Major Mary. “Without volunteers, we would not be able to continue to serve the people in our community as we are now. We are so grateful for all that they do for us, and for their commitment to helping us continue to help others.”