Captains Allison and Brennan Hinzman | Massillon, Ohio, Corps

by Robert Mitchell

1 Timothy 5:17 says, The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.”

Captains Allison and Brennan Hinzman, Salvation Army pastors in Massillon, Ohio, reflect on their current ministry.

How has your congregation helped you to feel honored and appreciated?

Captain Allison: “We’re very blessed in Massillon to have so many retired officers. We have seven of them and they’re so encouraging. Every time we lead Bible study or we preach a sermon, they’re one of the first ones that come up to us after and are just so encouraging and telling us what they learned or they appreciated about it. We’re really blessed with them.

“Our congregation is also very encouraging. As officers we move around a lot, so we’re not always around our family. They’ve stepped in. They’ve been grandparents at my children’s “Grandparents’ Day” at school. They’ve come and put the children on the bus when we’re at Officers Councils. They’re just so willing to step in and support us in any way they can.”

Captain Brennan: “We’re very blessed by the congregation we have, especially right now. We’ve been blessed by all of our congregations, but the one in our life right now is just coming at the right time in our ministry. We have three beautiful little girls with us and we are learning the balance between ministry and family. The congregation we have here has just been so encouraging, not just in the ministry we’re doing physically at the building, but in the ministry of our personal family and our personal time.”

“They’ve just been supportive in all of the things we do. They’re also attending whatever it is we offer. It’s been beautiful to see. Whether it’s kids programs or outreach ministry or Bible studies, the people here have just been so eager to be a part of things. They are also encouraging us by attending these events and sharing their lives with us. Allison and I have been encouraged by their words—they often share them after every event we do whether it’s church or programs.

“They are always uplifting us and challenging us to do better, and reminding us how well we are doing. We know they love the things that are taking place, getting to know each other, and fellowshipping.