Youth and Candidates – Beautiful Appointments

By Colonel Richard Munn

In the panoply of officer appointments, local officer commissions and employee roles that make up the healthy body of a territory – ‘joined and held together by every supporting ligament,’ says picturesque Paul in Ephesians 4 – it does seem that some are especially beautiful.  The mission, character and influence they afford are precious.

It is in that sense the USA East this month welcomed Majors Antonio and Jennifer Rosamilia and Majors Rohan and Sheila Gage as Territorial Youth and Territorial Candidates Secretaries, respectively.

These are beautiful appointments.

Tony Campolo famously said, ‘youth was made for heroism.’  And so these territorial youth roles have the potential to create heroes in our midst. Perfect for an army where children and youth are decidedly not the army of tomorrow, but the army of today.

The Rosamilias and Gages assume the roles with great street cred – in recent years they have all processed candidate applications, led summer camps and organized youth councils.  They know the deal, and they have our respect.  Now the catchment area is exponentially increasing for them, from a region to a continental seaboard, from scores of children and youth to thousands.

We need to cover their backs.  The roles are a delicate balance between advocacy for contemporary youth culture and board room savvy; between visionary imagination and meticulous administrative procedure; between tender individual trust and theatrical stage performance.

The Rosamilias have a message for youth leaders and youth: ‘Whether your ministry has 5 or 50 young people; be encouraged that for every young person that you invest in spiritually, that is the potential for at least 10 more young folks to come to saving knowledge of Christ. So, we encourage you to press on in the fight for good, bathing every ministry initiative, idea or vision in prayer and you will see that your labor is not in vain.  To every young person, be assured that you have a place and a purpose, and it is in the kingdom of God. There are at least 10 other young people like yourself somewhere out there, waiting for you to bring them the ‘good news’ of Jesus. They need you now.’

Stirring stuff.

The Gages say to people contemplating officership: ‘We live in a culture that is quick to say no. Imagine how God would feel if you said a slow yes, instead of a quick no, if we responded as His people. God will not call you to do something without giving you everything you need to accomplish his work. He is not saying the journey will be easy; nothing of worth is; however, God is saying I’m right here with you, and I won’t leave you alone; we can do this together. It’s time we believe!

Great stuff.

This dynamic quartet will hit the ground running, with 2 major events right on the horizon:

  • The territorial Young Adult Retreat, Kalahari Resort, Poconos, September 22-24
  • The Candidates Seminar Weekend, CFOT, Suffern, NY, October 13-15

How about it, heroes?  Sign up!   Show up!  Step up!

Beautiful appointments for beautiful people, with beautiful outcomes.  We’re cheering you on colleagues, your successes encourage us all.