Perfect Focus – City Vision University and The Salvation Army 

By Colonel Richard Munn

How does this City Vision University trio strike you: ‘Jesus, Justice and Technology?’  

For an army committed since its inception to deploy every medium possible to communicate the gospel and serve humanity, it’s a natural fit for our day.  Thus, the affiliation and rapport between The Salvation Army and City Vision University (CVU) is gaining momentum. 

CVU aims to ‘transform lives through radically affordable online education.’ Starting in 2008 as Rescue College, the endeavor to provide online Christian degrees to ‘those serving the poor, addicted and underserved’ has evolved into the sophisticated and well-respected CVU operation of today.  Here is ‘an online university founded by Christian nonprofits for Christian nonprofits.’ 

Certificates, Associate and Bachelor Degrees are available in Addiction Counselling, Business Administration, Nonprofit Management and Christian Ministry and Leadership, as well Masters Degrees in Business (MBA), Nonprofit Management and Christian Ministry. 

Courses typically range 8-weeks in duration, with assignments due weekly and frequent live Zoom meetings with lecturer and cohort. 

The Salvation Army is increasingly part of the story with board member presence, providing online teachers, and affiliation with the USA East Education Department and the Adult Rehabilitation Command (ARC).  

Commissioner Jim Knaggs says, ‘After I studied at City Vision University, I came to believe in their mission enough that I became their board chair. Their courses and degrees are extremely flexible. They are a perfect match for the mission of the Salvation Army.’ 

The aims, constituency and wide ranging boots-on-the-ground access of The Salvation Army makes this a win-win relationship.  We treasure the transforming gospel, we know about addiction, we include the recovery community profoundly into our midst, and we are all about coming alongside and helping people to step up. 

CVU founder and president Andrew Sears, a catalytic, compassionate, and visionary man, sees great potential, and actively solicits counsel and input to sharpen the CVU mission.  Says Sears, ‘Our students from the Salvation Army have been almost equally officers and staff, but we also have had significant success with graduates of ARC programs as students. 

Stymied by that elusive, expensive, exclusive long-dreamed higher education degree?  Is there someone you love who could greatly benefit from this schooling? Follow the link below, and let the dream come into focus, to ultimate benefit of many.