General Shaw Clifton (Rtd) promoted to Glory

by Warren L. Maye

May 29, 2023—General Shaw Clifton (Rtd), The Salvation Army’s 18th General, has been promoted to Glory. During his global ministry, he also served in the USA Eastern Territory as commander of the  Massachusetts Division in1992.

“More details will follow,” wrote Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham, Chief of The Staff,* in an official announcement from International Headquarters. He continued, “but we ask the global Salvation Army family to hold Commissioner Birgitte Brekke–Clifton and the Clifton family in their prayers at this time.

“Retired General Shaw Clifton’s impact throughout the Army world has been immeasurable and we thank God for every opportunity for ministry the Lord enabled him to share.”

General Shaw Clifton, LLB., B.D., AKC, Ph.D., was a gifted  essayist, lawyer, preacher, and administrator. He was also a prolific author, having written nine books. In Something Better (2014) a compilation of 14 essays, he encourages readers to believe that, despite difficulties in life, they can expect something better when their faith is rooted in Jesus Christ.

The book’s title is taken from a verse written by Salvation Army Founder William Booth in his well–known hymn, “Oh, Boundless Salvation.” It reads, “I feel something better. Most surely would be if once thy pure waters could roll over me.”

General Clifton, wrote, “There is always something more, something better God can do and is doing in us. That is my testimony.”

*General–elect Buckingham will take office on August 3, 2023, when the current General Brian Peddle retires.

Photo caption: General Shaw Clifton’s official photo at International Headquarters shows him holding a child during the USA Eastern Territory’s Kaleidoscope Congress in Hershey, Pa., in 2007 before an audience of 8,000.