Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham Elected General

by Warren Maye

On Saturday, May 27, 2023, members of the High Council elected Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham as the 22nd General of The Salvation Army. On August 3, 2023, the General–elect and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham, who will serve as World President of Women’s Ministries, will assume their new roles at International Headquarters (IHQ) in London, England.

“Throughout this week, prayer has been the underpinning of all that has taken place,” wrote Lt. Colonel Jennifer Groves of the solemn and sacred process in an official news release issued by IHQ. “The prayers of the worldwide Army and those of the 2023 High Council members have united and God’s presence has been keenly felt.”

In 2022, the Commissioners Buckingham led the USA Eastern Territory’s first Old Orchard Beach camp meeting since the COVID–19 pandemic. They brought challenging yet encouraging words to Salvationists gathered in the Seaside Pavilion. They made it clear that the way back to normalcy would be difficult but was already in progress around the world.

“Under the umbrella of The Salvation Army, God’s people have gathered together to share in fellowship and to present themselves back to the King,” Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham said. “There have been healings, liberations, and transformations. Men and women have been born into the Kingdom of God. People are covenanting afresh with reenergizing power, and we should be celebrating that!” The OOB audience responded with enthusiastic and sustained applause.

The High Council’s proceedings, led by Commissioner Brad Bailey, its president, also demonstrated a diverse participation from a global perspective.

Commissioner Yusak Tampai, territorial commander of the Indonesia Territory who served as chaplain, reiterated the theme “We are in this together” through the leading of songs and the reading of prayers received from around the world, including the United States, Kenya, and India. Colonel Samuel Baah, territorial commander of the Malawi Territory, shared a stirring devotional.

“Beautiful moments of prayer were shared with General–elect Commissioner Lyndon Buckingham and Commissioner Bronwyn Buckingham,” wrote Lt. Colonel Groves. “Of special significance was the first blessing and prayer shared in the Māori language by New Zealanders in the chamber to honor the people of their homeland.”

Following the proceedings, the General–elect said in an interview with Captain Lo Moir on the grounds of Sunbury Court, “I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, but humbled and grateful for the support of the members of the High Council and their endorsement.” When asked what he would like the Salvation Army world to pray for concerning the Buckinghams, he mentioned his family and then said, “grace, peace, wisdom, and courage.”

Commissioners Bronwyn and Lyndon Buckingham are originally from the New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa Territory. Commissioned in 1990 as members of the “Ambassadors for Christ” Session, they have served as officers in various appointments around the world. Commissioner Lyndon assumed his current appointment as The Chief of the Staff on August 3, 2018, and Commissioner Bronwyn as the World Secretary for Spiritual Life Development on January 1, 2021, having previously served as the World Secretary for Women’s Ministries.