Mother’s Day

By Colonel Christine Rock

Every mother has a little stash of cards, notes and precious “masterpieces.” Scribbled by tiny, sticky hands and presented with beaming pride, perhaps along burned toast and spilled orange juice, these treasures remind us of Mother’s Days gone by and the heart-to-heart connection we share with our children.

Was their handiwork perfect? Not exactly. Did that matter? Not at all. Our children’s gifts came with love. They were their very best efforts – just right for the age and stage they happened to be in that year.

This year’s Youth Councils theme, “In the Making,” reminds our teens that a close, loving relationship with their Father doesn’t begin when they arrive at some far-off state of perfection. Even as they grow and change – and make mistakes – God is ever present. He delights in their best efforts, catches them when they fall and guides them in the direction in which they should go.

As kids in The Salvation Army continue to gather at Youth Councils across the Eastern Territory, they are learning these important lessons through the biblical story of David. Please join us as we pray for these life-altering events and for the precious lives who are being impacted by this ministry. Also, please pray for the divisional youth department teams, corps officers, and youth ministry leaders who play such an important role in helping our teens understand and experience God’s complete and perfect love for each of them.