York Temple Enrollments

On Sunday, March 12, the York Temple corps enrolled 8 Senior Soldiers and 4 Junior Soldiers. Among the Senior Soldiers enrolled was David Sosa. David Sosa came through the corps doors with the uncertainty of having a home. Living in a close by shelter, David realized the necessity of seeking for God’s guidance and commitment.

During our Christmas celebration, David took a step of faith with the words ‘‘I’m Tired.” It was in the very moment when the words “Come to me those who are thirsty, and I will give your rest” were spoken that David reconciled in public with Christ. David mentioned his desire to give by grace what he has received – peace. David felt called to become a soldier in the Army and after soldier classes, David humbly responded to service on March 12, 2023. David understands that is only thru the power of the Spirit that he will find rest.

He is proud to serve in our community outreach as a soldier of The Salvation Army. David has a stable room where he lives and a job that another soldier helped him to obtain. Overall, David believes that it was by the grace of God that he is where he is now.