The Army’s ‘Wonder Woman Preacher’

by Hugo Bravo

In 1945, the life of Evangeline Booth, the first woman General of The Salvation Army, was immortalized on the pages of DC Comics’ Wonder Woman comic book. Booth was included in the monthly feature “Wonder Women of History,” which told the story of real women who had left an enduring legacy. 

The illustrated story begins with Army Founders William and Catherine Booth and the creation of The Salvation Army in England. Evangeline, their youngest daughter, wants to follow in the footsteps of her father. As a teenager, Evangeline bravely travels to London’s dangerous slums to preach outside taverns, despite resistance from the patrons and even local authorities.

The story continues with Evangeline Booth as the newly appointed Salvation Army commander in the United States in 1906. When the Great San Francisco Earthquake happens on April 18, The Salvation Army in California, led by Commander Booth, brings much needed help to the victims of that disaster.

“Wonder Women of History” was created by Alice Marble, associate editor of the first “Wonder Woman” quarterly comic book. Along with Evangeline Booth, more than 70 other women were featured in the series, including Saint Joan of Arc, physicist Marie Curie, and abolitionist Sojourner Truth. 

See the comic below to read “The Story of Evangeline Booth: Wonder Woman Preacher.” 

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