OTHERS Gift Guide

What if you could give gifts this holiday season that give back to those in need? With OTHERS you can!

The main goal of OTHERS: Trade For Hope is creating safe, fairly compensating work for people who otherwise have limited opportunity. Production units are in many cases linked with The Salvation Army’s community development programs in Kenya and Bangladesh, where producers receive necessary counseling and support.

Behind every product from Others is a unique story of dignity, independence and hope.

Read on to see just some of the products OTHERS has to offer!

These oven mitts and round basket are definitely a fan favorite. Perfect for your favorite amateur chef or even an enthusiastic egg scrambler!

Simple, practical, and two-in-one. Carved by hand from locally sourced wood, this is our clever Egg Ring and/or Napkin Holder.

Dining together at the table is back in vogue and this will be a perfect addition to any table setting.

These black and white sisal baskets were designed with striped and geometric designs to be eye-catching and were made by artisans in Kenya.

Here are a few more of our hand-loomed items. Aprons, potholders, dishcloths, and tea towels.

These kitchen items have changed lives. How? When a person or a family begins to earn a fair wage for what they produce, their quality of life improves as do their finances. Because education can be challenging to obtain in Kenya and Bangladesh where our artist-producers live, families depend on the sale of these items as they allow them to earn enough to put their children through school.

Here’s another of our beautiful handmade Nativity Sets. This set is the “Nativity Set Banana Leaf” as it features … banana leaves … isn’t it amazing?!

These hearts are one of the first crafts that artists learn to make with Others. So many have become leaders in their group after learning to embroider such precise stitches.

This best-selling item is at the heart of who Others are: Our mission is to foster independence and financial independence, educate the next generation, build confident women leaders, create ethically and sustainably made products and increased freedom for those exploited.

Doesn’t that just warm YOUR heart?

Add some flair to your holiday gifts with our tiny embroidered hearts and gift tags. The tags are hand-printed on handmade paper in a set of 4 for only $5. The back of the cards are blank so you can add your own sentiment!

Made from Sisal plants and Banana fiber, this tiny 8 1/2″ Angel has helped turn lives around in Kenya. ⁠

This Angel is a part of our Seasonal collection. Shop the whole collection.

Cascading Sisal Baskets! This set contains three black and white baskets.

Basket making has been providing a livelihood for those who may not have had other options for the past 25 years with Others Trade for Hope.

Even if you’ve already done all your holiday shopping you can still support OTHERS by following them on social media.

You can also support OTHERS by giving to their Giving Tuesday campaign.

Happy giving!