The Story of Pentecost

In 1906, General William Booth published his book, “Visions.” In it, he retold “The Story of Pentecost” by providing a vivid description of what it was like to experience the first “Baptism of Fire.”

Chapter 1
An Eyewitness to the Journey to Pentecost

General William Booth begins his vision with an imaginative encounter in Heaven with Samuel, the son of the Widow of Nain who was brought back to life by Jesus. Samuel begins to recount all that he witnessed during those days following the resurrection of Jesus.

Chapter 2
Ascension to the Upper-Room

Samuel shares with General Booth how the disciples hear of the promised Holy Spirit as Jesus ascends to heaven. They proceed to the upper-room in Jerusalem in obedience to the Lord’s command.

Chapter 3
Waiting for Power from on High

The believers wait on the Lord and prepare their hearts as they come together with one accord.

Chapter 4
Counting the Cost

The believers prayerfully reflect on the reality that being a true follower of Christ will require them to embrace the cost of discipleship.

Chapter 5
The Baptism of Fire

The promise is fulfilled as the Holy Spirit comes down and fills this “waiting host” as they experience the baptism of fire. 

Chapter 6
The Spirit of Divine Love

The outcome of Pentecost is an unleashing of holy-love as the believers move out into Jerusalem to proclaim the good news with bold confidence.

Chapter 7
To the Ends of the Earth

The believers march forward with blood and fire to the ends of the earth as true “Salvationists” – ready to share the good news of salvation.