“My family and I were in desperate need when we met The Salvation Army,” Tiffany recalls. She was only 9 years old at the time, and her family had just come to New York from Honduras. Tiffany fondly remembers the care and support they received from The Salvation Army in the Bronx. “We were in need of beds, food, clothing…they met each and every one of those things,” Tiffany says. “They were there when we most needed them and treated us with respect and dignity.” A Home Away from Home Tiffany and her sisters joined our music and arts programs and spent many afternoons developing a love for dance. You could say The Salvation Army became their home away from home. “After school, we knew that we could always go there,” Tiffany says. “That was like our safe place and we knew we weren’t alone anymore.” Tiffany went on to volunteer at the same food pantry at The Salvation Army that was such a big help to her family growing up. She loves giving back to help others because she’s been in their shoes. “I don’t know where I’d be if God hadn’t placed The Salvation Army in our lives at the right time,” Tiffany says. “They reach out to people, not for a temporary fix, but for a permanent solution.”