Matthew was born and raised in Harlem, in a single-parent household. Like so many kids in his shoes, he could have been victimized or turned to life on the streets. But by the grace of God, he stayed out of trouble, stayed on course, and even went to college. Now, as a young adult, he spends his free time playing basketball at The Salvation Army. “I started playing here two years ago,” Matthew says. “The atmosphere is beautiful, and what I love is starting off with prayer. The prayer is always good because it sets the tone…it’s like we all become as one.” More Than Just Basketball Matthew is deeply grateful for the basketball program and how it helps him stay in shape. But for him it is about much more than shooting hoops. What Matthew really wants is to use his time at the gym to try and inspire young kids to follow in his footsteps—to see the path he’s taken and think, “If he came from what he came from and can do it, then I can do it, too.” Our basketball league is just one of many sports activities you help make possible. And it’s fair to say that these programs do more than just provide a safe environment and keep local youth off the streets. God is using these as tools to change hearts and lives.