Many children in New York are growing up in challenging communities and situations that put their futures at risk. But your generous support for The Salvation Army gives many of these kids the chance to thrive every summer at places like Star Lake Camp.  “I always loved playing the trumpet. But I never had a purpose for it before,” says James, a young teenager from Uniondale, New York, who attends Star Lake’s music and arts camp each summer. “At Star Lake Camp I could show my passion for music and love for God.” He also met people who shared the same passions and made him “into a better player and person as well.” For over 90 years, Star Lake Camp has provided generations of at-risk youngsters, like James, with much more than a week or two of fun in the country. It’s also equipped them with new hope, stronger faith, and a brighter future. “Some of these youngsters come from rough neighborhoods and broken homes,” says Captain Sheila Gage, the camp director. “Star Lake often becomes a link to other Salvation Army services that have an enormous impact on their lives. After camp, a youngster may get involved in our music-and-arts or after-school programs. Sometimes they bring their families who may get help through our feeding and clothing-assistance programs. And it all started with a session of summer camp!”