This was my first high peak hike (it won’t be my last). It wasn’t an easy hike but the reward; it took my breath away! ⁠

So many things came rushing to the front of my mind. After the sheer adrenaline and childlike wonder eased a bit, the Lord did His thing with this mind of mine. ⁠

I thought about how tiny everything was—the itty-bitty trees. The slivers barely noticeable – those were county highways. Anything small was basically invisible! It’s amazing how just a few hours prior, the things I laid my eyes on down below were once towering over me. Larger than I could handle. Absolutely dwarfing this 6’1 figure I carry. Up here, I could see the whole view, no obstructions. ⁠

God said to me, “See, I see the full picture. Not only do I see the full picture, I designed it. Don’t be overwhelmed by the things too big for you, for I am able to handle them, and they are so tiny for me.”⁠

He is gentle, and He sees our heart. How hurtful it is to tell someone that the things that overwhelm them are tiny and small. When He said tiny, He didn’t mean insignificant, and He did not demean my struggles or the things that have caused suffering. He simply stated that they are not too big for Him.⁠

A needed reminder for me in this season. The things that feel huge and too much to bear are not unmanageable for Him, for He sees it all and can and will use anything for your good. ⁠

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. 

The video below is something I sing often as a reminder to trust the Lord in all things.

As a physical action to trust- open your hands out to the Lord as you listen.


written by Brittany Parks, Youth Department, USA East