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08 Feb 2017

OOB 17: 20th Annual Golf Tournament

The Seaside Pavilion Ministries  Invites you to participate in the Twentieth Annual Golf Tournament Tuesday, August 1, 2017 Held at the Dunegrass Golf Club 200 Wild Dunes Way Old Orchard Beach,

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07 Feb 2017

Cadet Joseph Cantrell’s Personal Testimony

Cadet Joseph Cantrell shares his story and how God changed his life forever.  How the Lord saved Joseph from his own self destruction through the Adult Rehabilitation Center’s Drug and

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06 Feb 2017

Free Training for SA Dancers!

On April 8th from 1pm-3pm, join us for a one-time-only Stretch and Strength Class with Kathryn Higgins. Open to all dancers and dance leaders in the Salvation Army free of charge! Held

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06 Feb 2017

Keeping Sabbath in View

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33 The new year turned the corner and on a

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03 Feb 2017

Taste and See – Prayer Walk

There are quite a few foods and flavors mentioned in the Scriptures.  From manna in the desert to Jesus saying “I am the bread of life,” eating was not only

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01 Sep 2015

Edward Hardy — de estudiante a maestro

En el Cuerpo de Newark (Ironbound) Nueva Jersey, el joven Edward Hardy, de quince años de edad, ha pasado, de participar en los programas del Ejército de Salvación a convertirse

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01 Sep 2015

Mi Juventud

Meditando en mi juventud, recuerdo que en el grupo de jóvenes del Cuerpo de Bayamón —al cual asistía— se cantaba mucho el coro: “Mi juventud está en las manos del

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09 Jul 2015

Reciclar, Rescatar, Reflejar

Reciclar, Rescatar, Reflejar En este número de SAConnects, usted podrá leer acerca de la manera en que el Señor ha estado obrando a través del ministerio que ofrece el Centro

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