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Trying to be God
13 Mar 2017

Trying to Be God

In a presentation to a gathering of officers Dr. Norman Raymond shared these statistics from a pastoral care consortium regarding those in all denominations of ministry. “90% work a 75 hour

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09 Mar 2017

Plugged in and powered up!

The brain is powerful, and after prolonged engagement the brain needs to rest and recharge…In the same way that our phones, our brain’s, and bodies need to be recharged, our souls need power too. How do we power up spiritually?

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09 Mar 2017

Bible Bowl

DOWNLOAD BIBLE BOWL RESOURCES   What is Bible Bowl? The purpose of Bible Bowl is to excite young people with the Word of God and its relevance to their daily lives,

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09 Mar 2017

Junior Soldiers

DOWNLOAD JUNIOR SOLDIER RESOURCES DOWNLOAD VOLUME 8 RESOURCES   What is a Junior Solder? Junior Soldiers are children between the ages of 7 and 13 who have professed Jesus Christ as their Savior

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09 Mar 2017

Orange Sunday School

The Orange Strategy   We are excited to announce a new partnership with Orange, an organization we believe will help us better impact children, teenagers, and families for years to

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07 Mar 2017

Furry Lessons from Belle

As a child I always had a dog.  There was Cindy, Tina and King who spanned my childhood and college days. So, it seemed the right time to add the

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New York Staff Band Accompaniment

SAconnects en Español

01 Mar 2017

Puertas Abiertas

Un programa de alcance para víctimas El programa Puertas Abiertas del Ejército de Salvación en el cuerpo de San Juan, Puerto Rico, ofrece consejería profesional y dirección para víctimas de

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01 Mar 2017

Aun por el más pequeño

Hace dieciséis años me jubilé de mi trabajo en el gobierno, en Ponce, Puerto Rico, a la edad de 57 años. Mi empleador me ofreció un nuevo puesto, pero le

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01 Mar 2017

La reforma espiritual

“Las universidades también necesitan una buena y exhaustiva reforma. Debo decirlo, sin importar a quien moleste.”  — TEÓLOGO MARTÍN LUTERO En nuestra siguiente revista SAConnects, podrás dar un vistazo a

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