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25 Jul 2015

OOB 2015 Livestream

Please check our Facebook & Twitter feeds for more up-to-date information about Old Orchard Beach Camp Meetings.  Don’t forget to use #OOBconnects to be a part of the conversation.

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17 Jul 2015

OOB – Prayer Backpacks!

This year at Old Orchard Beach, the prayer room goes wherever you go.  We made it personal and portable! The Spiritual Life Development Department has created a supply of Prayer

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15 Jul 2015


—  TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL SCHEDULE (PDF) CLICK HERE.  — Registration: Registration for meetings begins at 6:45 pm. Preschool children will be in their own rooms for the majority of

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15 Jul 2015

OOB ’15 Schedule

Daily Schedule —  to download the Full schedule (PDF) click here.  — Monday-Friday   Event Schedule Saturday – July 25   Sunday – July 26   Monday – July 27   Tuesday – July

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