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A word from the host – Colonel Richard Munn

‘You must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine.’  —  Titus 2:1

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‘Stand for something, or you’ll fall for everything.’ So goes the old adage.

Maybe this is why the phrase ‘sound doctrine’ is used so repeatedly in Scripture. What we believe is important, it affects the way we live. There’s even a shrewdness to it, protecting our easy gullibility.

So, here are the main theological issues, straight down the line, simple, and succinct. They may be new to you, they may be a reminder. Either way, join me from your home, office, or car … because Tuesdays are the new Munnday!

Episode Name
1 The Scriptures Defending a Lion
2 God A clown yearns to play Hamlet
3 Trinity All for one, and one for all
4 Jesus Christ Superstar
5 Sin An ambidextrous devil
6 Salvation The tear in the eye
7 Holiness Everyone! Every part! Every day holy!
8 End Times I can see the port



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