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17 Jan 2017

Relevents: Major Ronald Foreman

Major Ronald Foreman, divisional commander of the Empire State Division, talks about sports ministry, the Salvation Army’s work with immigrants, and carrying the torch for the Winter Olympics. I enjoy

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17 Jan 2017


In this issue of SAConnects (magazine), we highlight sports ministry in The Salvation Army. For many years, the Army has offered sports programs in its ministries around the world. Some well–known

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17 Jan 2017

Phil Cooke

Phil Cooke is a rarity: a Hollywood movie producer who holds a doctorate in theology. He’s the man Christian organizations, churches, and denominations call on to help them engage a

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Muller Book Review
16 Jan 2017

Book Review – Sabbath by Wayne Muller

For many in today’s society, busyness is worn like a badge of pride and exhaustion is the trophy to show for it. The ability to withstand relentless stress is often

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15 Jan 2017

Mascots Take Over Boston!

When a festively decorated Salvation Army truck arrived in front of Macy’s in the Boston, Mass., Downtown Crossing, a crowd of shoppers and people eating lunch wondered who or what

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SAconnects en Español

17 Jan 2017


En este número de SAConnects (la publicación) destacamos el ministerio deportivo del Ejército de Salvación. Durante muchos años, el Ejército ha ofrecido programas deportivos en sus ministerios alrededor del mundo. Algunas

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17 Jan 2017

La Santidad de la Vida

El instinto de proteger la vida humana  es un valor universalmente establecido. Sin embargo, desde el inicio de los tiempos, el aborto, la eutanasia y el suicidio asistido también han

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13 Jan 2017

Noche de bolos

El Ejército de Salvación del Gran Nueva York organizó un torneo de bolos en la cual el Cuerpo de White Plains participó con nuestro ministerio de varones. Si bien algunos

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