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27 Jul 2021

Ring those July bells

The iconic red kettles were out this month in Lima, Ohio, as The Salvation Army took part in the Christmas in July campaign. Paul Downing, the operations manager in Lima,

27 Jul 2021

With One Accord: Encouraging

“Together, we envision an Army encouraged by a common purpose, helping one another to show love and do good fostering a generous and inclusive culture of reconciliation and mutual respect.”

26 Jul 2021

Rescued for a Reason

When LaTanya Carter ran away from her Hillside, N.J., home at age 13, she had no idea how rocky the road ahead would be. As a juvenile runaway, she was

23 Jul 2021

More than a shelter

The people of Sidney, Ohio, have longed for an emergency homeless shelter in their community. The Mercy Mission House that is now under construction will provide that service and so

22 Jul 2021

Entering Upstream – Pruning & Nurturing Series

Leaves are lungs that inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen.  They return carbon to the soil and produce sugar to nurture fruit.  Pruning dead and excessive foliage allows more sunlight


SAconnects en Español

28 Jun 2021


Visualizamos juntos un Ejército comprometido en la búsqueda apasionada de Cristo, escuchándose y sirviéndose unos a otros con humildad, y trabajando activamente en el mundo para ver las comunidades transformarse

23 Jun 2021

Todos unánimes: Expectativas

A veces, nos encontramos con una afirmación que nos hace detener y pensar. Wayne Cordeiro, pastor principal de New Life International en Hawái, brinda este pensamiento. “Si no sabes adónde

10 May 2021

todos unánimes

Juntos todos unánimes Cuando llegó el día de Pentecostés, estaban todos unánimes juntos. Hechos 2:1 RVR1960 Visualizamos juntos un Ejército unido en propósito y buscando activamente el próximo Gran Avivamiento