Youth Councils Arts Training Day

Are you involved in Youth Councils prep? Do you play a role in drama, choreodrama, directing, and/or choreographing dances?

Then this one-day workshop is for YOU! It’s free of charge to anyone who wants to support their divisional Youth Councils as a choreographer/director!

What is Youth Councils Arts Training Day?

An annual, one-day workshop hosted by The Arts Ministries Bureau, equipping arts leaders with scripts, songs, choreographed works and creative ideas to support the message/theme of this year.

When is it?

Date: Friday, November 8th, 2019

Time: 9:00am-5:00pm

Location: Crestview Conference Center at Eastern Territorial Headquarters (440 W. Nyack Rd. West Nyack, NY 10994).

Who can attend?

Anyone who plays a role in mounting/directing/choreographing a dance/drama/choreodrama for Divisional Youth Councils. Creative Arts Directors and leaders who assist with production are welcome. The goal is to have at least one representative from each division! (Keep in mind, you do not need to be a Salvation Army employee to attend. Local leaders who are interested in taking on some responsibility for mounting sketches/dances for Youth Councils are encouraged to request approval through their Division.)

What’s the catch?

It’s absolutely free! We are excited to partner with you!

How do I sign up?

All requests to attend should first be channeled through your respective divisional approval chain, including most importantly, the support of your Divisional Youth Department.

Who do I contact?

All inquiries and RSVP’s can be sent to Resa Berry at Resa.Berry@use.salvationarmy.org

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