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New Ideas for Women’s Ministries Groups

Women’s Ministries groups are wonderful, and gathering together is always a fun time, but sometimes the group might need something new and fresh to bring new life and inspiration to the women. Maybe you’ve searched Pinterest for ideas or asked the women in your group if there is something new they’d like to try, but none of the ideas seemed like they would work for your group. The best way I have found to find new ideas for Women’s Ministries groups is to ask others what has worked in their groups. With hundreds of women’s groups around the territory, we have the opportunity to pool together many different resources and ideas for activities, projects, and focus groups that have produced fruitful results for others.

We have compiled a list of 13 fresh ideas that other Women’s Ministries groups are doing in our territory. These ideas are great ways to inspire service, outreach, fun and fellowship. Some are to inspire service in the community, some are geared toward outreach, and some are ideas that could be used to kickstart a new Women’s Ministry group.

Click the link below to discover new ideas for your women’s group.