The Whole World Mobilizing

TWWM LogoFollowing the international Boundless Congress, The General has issued a challenge to the entire Salvation Army world to be mobilized in mission. Beginning January 1, 2017, The Whole World Mobilizing: Go Forward, is a campaign that enlists every Salvationist around the globe to go forward in mission.

To help get this campaign started in your community and to rally local Salvationists to the cause, it may be beneficial to dedicate one Sunday in January to the theme of The Whole World Mobilizing: Go Forward.

Get ready in 2017 to mobilize your territory, your command, your division, your ARC, your corps, your family, and yourself, for this historic worldwide campaign. Go forward with Jesus, and turn the world upside down!

Get Mobilized!

Call to Action

How it will work

The Whole World Mobilizing website and app are designed to encourage you to mobilize and connect with the global Salvation Army. You can use these tools to:

  • read about the great work being done in Jesus’ name through The Salvation Army around the world
  • be inspired with creative tips and ideas to help you mobilize
  • pray alongside your brothers and sisters in the Army
  • find out about mobilization activities and events near you and participate in them
  • track your own mobilization progress and make improvements

How it started

General André Cox dreams of an Army where every officer, soldier, adherent, employee, youth and child is actively mobilizing: to spread the good news of the gospel, to reach out in practical ways, to minister to the needs of our communities and to daily put our faith into action. Building on the momentum of The Whole World Praying, The Whole World Reading and the Boundless Congress, The Whole World Mobilizing campaign launches on January 12, 2017. This campaign, under the leadership of Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, is a motivating force to inspire, train and equip Salvationists to continue to be locally mobilized in mission, to celebrate what is already being done and to bring a sense of unity around the Salvation Army world.

The heartbeat of this campaign is The Whole World Mobilizing website and the accompanying app that will help to bring Salvationists from all over the world together. These tools will be the catalyst that will unite the 128 countries together as we share and celebrate all that God is doing through the ministry and mission of the Salvation Army.

Why an app?

We needed something that could be accessible to the most people, worldwide – the mobile phone. Built for light data use, due to its need to perform in developing countries, this app can track any mobilization activity from almost anywhere on the planet. The app will be available on the Apple, Android and Windows platforms for the broadest possible reach. All the functionality of the app will also be available on the website, so you can get connected with whichever device you prefer. The app will be launching for you in February.

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The Whole World Mobilizing