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When Life Gives you Lemons!

lemonMorning, Ladies!

The program I put together for “When Life Gives You Lemons!” was pieced together from a variety of different sources.  Here is the breakdown:

I purchased a few bags of lemons to use in a variety of ways: lemons cut for lemon infused water, lemons used for decor on the tables in birdcages, lemons for a game, and a lemon cut for the punch.  I used yellow placemats and napkins on a black tablecloth.  I also had an oil diffuser with lemon oil so that the ladies walked into the room, they could already smell the lemon!  Engage the senses!

I used a free printable template for the word “LEMON” used on the dessert table from a lemonade printable. (Click Lemonade Printable to download PDF)

Lemon Delights: Lemon Bunt Cake, Lemon Bars, and Mini Lemon Cupcakes were all purchased from Sam’s Club. I provided a lemon punch that was mixed with a 2 liter bottle of Sprite, 1 Can of Pineapple Juice, and 2 cups of Country Time lemonade.

The program outline (Click When Life Gives You Lemons- Program Outline to download document) I included a few different activities:

Lemon Chopstick Relay Ladies need to be able to bend over :-).

29 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Infused Water: I found this on Pinterest. I placed a cup of lemon infused water by each place so that while we were discussing the benefits, we could enjoy the refreshing taste! (Click 29 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water to download document)

Lemon Scripture Promises (I created a lemon template I printed the individual scriptures onto and placed around the tables for the ladies to choose. Before the program began I called out the scriptures and gave them a copy of the printed scripture). I used a PDF from Julia Bettencourt’s website which you can download by clicking here : Lemon Bible Promises (Click Lemon Template for Scripture Promises to download document)

The ladies shared their scripture and short testimony if that scripture had been part of their life journey.

Finally, I used portions of Julia Bettencourt’s devotional based on Queen Esther and her outlook and responses when “lemons” were dropped into her life. (Click Lemon Devotional by Julia Bentencourt to download document)

I hope this will become a useful program aide to you!  There are many more things you could do with this but I hope this gives you a good start!

Have a fabulous day wherever you find yourself today!

May the Lord bless you in your own ministries!


Captain Nicole Parker
The Salvation Army
Lubbock, Texas