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Maye_Warren_2015During the next four months, we’ll offer you positive alternatives to today’s news, reveal how sports ministries can help save lives, and even take you on vicarious journeys to other parts of the world.

In December, you’ll read about the Mercy Ships and their mission of healing to poor and marginalized people. Robert Mitchell, SAConnects managing editor, has followed this story and says, “The photos will bring tears to your eyes and the story will inspire you to leave tomorrow on a missions trip.”

In our combined January/February issue, sports ministry will be the headline. I’ll report on the College for Officer Training’s pursuit of this endeavor. Willie Pyle, a quarterback, will wow you with his revealing testimony in which he describes how his mom (an Army employee) helped launch his professional career on two continents.

And in March, you’ll see Salvationists as they cross oceans, borders, and linguistic and cultural boundaries. Hugo Bravo, our editor and Hispanic correspondent who brought you last year’s story on Honduras, will reprise that role with new stories on young people going there and to other parts of the world. “These young Salvationists talk about leaving the comfort of their corps to help the less fortunate and to spread God’s message. That’s inspiring,” says Bravo. “They’re the Army’s future.”

Warren L. Maye
Editor in Chief

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