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a walt whitman quote leads the tam ministry

TAM_InsOracia Morris, a young Salvationist from the Caribbean Territory, has attended the Territorial Arts Ministry (TAM) Conservatory for four years. Here is her testimony:

Each year, the TAM Conservatory is an amazing spiritual experience. I look forward to TAM because I am challenged as a young Christian. I’m always thinking about ways to improve my relationship with God. TAM has been such a blessing and it has made such an impact on my life. You can tell because I look forward to it each year and my parents also look forward to it for me.

TAM has made an impact on me spiritually and in my performance life. During my first year at TAM as a dancer, I worked with Laura Danette. One day, she told us the story of how she started dancing at age 16. I was so amazed and inspired because I was also 16 at the time, and had yet to take a dance class. Honestly, I thought I was too old to take classes and to become a dancer. But there I was, listening to this woman, who has performed on Broadway and has had a successful dance career, talk about her first time dancing at age 16. So I started taking classes. Today, I can honestly say that TAM has made a difference in my life.

There are so many little things that TAM has helped me see for the first time: a live musical and play on Broadway, doing street ministry, learning to square dance, really performing, performing in a musical, and being a member of the Creative Arts Service Team (CAST).

I have been so inspired by the amount of experience our leaders at TAM have and how humble, kind, professional, and strong their relationship with God is. And that relationship passes down to the students.

I always experience this kind, encouraging atmosphere whenever I’m at TAM. It’s always a refreshing change from the world. TAM is truly a blessing to me and I thank God for placing the vision of the TAM Conservatory in Carol Jaudes’ heart. I’m sure TAM has touched many lives.

by Oracia Morris